Things That Make You Say, “Argh!”

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Variety is the spice of a good blog. Some of my posts are meant to inspire, some to inform and others to make you think. The goal of today’s post is to make you laugh.

Life is full of difficulties. Some of them, like the recent hurricanes and wildfires, are serious. In these situations, we all need help to recover, rebuild and find a new normal. Other problems can be better described as annoyances. Even though these may be minor, they can still be very frustrating. In cases like these, simply realizing that we are not alone can help us smile and keep things in perspective.

Thus, since misery loves company, here is my list of 86 things that make you say, “Argh!”

86 Things That Make You Say, “Argh!”

1. When you can’t find your keys, the tickets, your cell phone…

2. When you order a new appliance, only to discover that it doesn’t fit in your space.

3. When you are assembling a new piece of furniture and discover that you are missing a piece.

4. When you drive over something that ruptures your tire.

5. When you drop your cell phone and the screen cracks.

6. When you drip pasta sauce on your white shirt.

7. When you realize that you are out of a needed ingredient after you’ve started to prepare the recipe.

8. When you are one battery short of the number you need.

9. When you drop a compact fluorescent light bulb.

10. When your child repeatedly drops something, expecting you to pick it up and give it back.

11. When the phone or doorbell rings two minutes after you get your child down for a nap.

12. When your spouse comes home just before bedtime and riles up the children so they won’t go to bed.

13. When the muddy dog walks on the clean carpet or floor.

14. When you can’t open your teenager’s bedroom door because there are so many articles of clothing on the floor.

15. When the rotating “rainbow of death” appears on your computer screen.

16. When the baby fills his diaper right after you get him strapped into the car seat.

17. When you lose cell service in the middle of an important conversation.

18. When you can’t remember a name, or why you walked into the room, or what you were just saying…

19. When you lock yourself out.

20. When you get a phone call from Rachel at Card Services.

21. When the previous user has left you with an empty toilet paper roll.

22. Hearing that dull “click” when you turn the key in your car.

23. When you thought you would certainly get a snow day, and then the forecast turns out to have been wrong and you still have to go to school.

24. When you have studied and are ready for the exam, and the professor decides to put it off since other students are not prepared.

25. When the notification is switched from “on time” to “delayed.”

26. When your umbrella turns inside out.

27. When a bird uses you for target practice.

28. When your neighbor allows his large dog to frequent your yard, and never picks up after him.

29. When you start the gas grill for the party and the propane tank is suddenly empty.

30. When someone pulls into the parking spot you were clearly waiting for.

31. When bugs or animals eat the tomato you’ve been trying all summer to grow.

32. Putting.

33. When you go to the DMV and wait in line only to get to the front and be told you are in the wrong line.

34. When your jeans are tight.

35. When you’ve been on hold in “voice mail jail” for 38 minutes, and then get disconnected.

36. When you cannot log in, but the sight won’t tell you whether it is your username or password that is wrong.

37. Autocorrect.

38. When the power goes out or the water main breaks.

39. When your plane lands early but you have to sit on the tarmac and wait an hour for a gate to open up.

40. When you open the yogurt and it splatters all over.

41. When you’re waiting to get a call back from the doctor and you walk away from your phone for .000000007 seconds and that’s when he calls.

42. How impossible it is to untangle headphone cords.

43. When you go on a trip and realize you didn’t pack socks.

44. When you get called for jury duty. Again.

45. When you forget to press, “Save.”

46. When you child tells you he isn’t feeling well on a Friday at 5:30pm.

47. When your phone or computer automatically installs an update.

48. When you are randomly selected for additional security screening at the airport.

49. When you sharpen a pencil and then the entire tip falls out.

50. Paper cuts.

51. When you go shopping for clothes and the options are either too big, too small or only available in mustard yellow.

52. When your favorite show gets cancelled.

53. When you realize the flashing red and blue lights are meant for you.

54. When you cut yourself shaving.

55. Listening to someone from the other political party.

56. Taxes.

57. When you get notified that your child has been exposed to lice.

58. When the store clerk talks on the cell phone the whole time he/she is checking you out.

59. When the person in front of you at the traffic light fails to look up from his cell phone, and by the time he finally moves, only he can pass through before it turns red.

60. When the repairman gives you a time window and then doesn’t show up (or call) within that window.

61. When you realize that you left your phone charger in the hotel/the cab.

62. The left turn signal that is so short only one car gets through.

63. When the coffee filter gets folded over and your pot of coffee ends up being full of grinds.

64. When you are trying to put a dollar bill into a machine and it keeps popping back out.

65. When someone uses your grammatical pet peeve.

66. When six lanes have to merge into one.

67. When it is 9:00pm and your child announces that she needs poster board for the project that is due tomorrow.

68. When your upstairs neighbors are talking loudly while you are trying to sleep.

69. When you can’t remember if you turned off your hair straightener before you left the house.

70. Trying to get a shrunken fitted sheet onto the mattress.

71. When you wake up and realize you set the alarm for PM instead of AM.

72. When you can’t fall asleep.

73. When you have to get up unusually early and you spend the whole night rolling over and looking at the clock to make sure you aren’t oversleeping.

74. When the realtor calls to ask if she can bring a prospective buyer over for a quick look just as you are putting dinner on the table.

75. One bar of cell service.

76. When other people don’t show up for work, and the solution is that you get to do their work as well as your own.

77. When no matter where you sit around the fire pit, the smoke blows in your direction.

78. When your mother tells you she has a box of your stuff she wants you to go through.

79. Trying to open blister packaging.

80. When the email or text sends before you finished typing it.

81. When the sun is in your eyes when you are driving and the visor is just about 1 inch too short to be of any assistance.

82. When you get into the shortest line, and then the person ahead of you has some big issue and your line ends up being the longest.

83. When the GPS tells you that you have arrived at your destination, but you still can’t find it.

84. When other people keep you waiting or make you late.

85. When you realize you are getting a head cold.

86. Discovering your puzzle is missing one piece.

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I am really looking forward to the comments this week! Can you relate to any of these? What would you add?