How To Sort Mail

Everybody gets mail. Each day we casually pick up this stack of paper and bring it into our homes. We stash it, stick it, pile it up, and cringe every time we walk by it. What is the best way to handle the mail?

First of all, we need to stop thinking of it as “mail.” It is really a broad array of communication. Some of it is for our pleasure, some of it requires we follow-up, some of it requires us to pay money. In other words, mail is a diverse collection of material. To handle it well, the key is to separate “sorting the mail” from “acting on the mail.” The sorting should be done each day, taking only about 5 minutes. Then, time should be scheduled during the week to perform the various tasks that the mail requires.

Here is an approach to try:

Steps to sort the mail.

Do you sort the mail daily?