Digital Declutter Wrap-up

Getting organized feels great! Over the past month, the Digital Declutter Challenge has offered a task each day for 30 days to help you bring order to your digital life. In case you missed a day, or if you would like to pin and save the whole challenge, below is a summary with links to all of the tasks.

Day 1: Background Image

Day 2: Label Cords

Day 3: When Did You Buy It?

Day 4: Backup Your Computer

Day 5: Clear “Downloads” Folder

Day 6: A New Folder

Day 7: Unplug

Day 8: Spam

Day 9: Unused Apps

Day 10: Update Apps

Day 11: The Home Screen

Day 12: Delete Documents

Day 13: Clear Desktop

Day 14: Unplug for 2

Day 15: Media Files

Day 16: Mice & Keyboards

Day 17: Gaming & Entertainment

Day 18: Cords

Day 19: Communication Devices

Day 20: Computers & Monitors

Day 21: Unplug for 3

Day 22: Bookmarks

Day 23: Online Accounts

Day 24: Logins

Day 25: Social Media

Day 26: File Naming

Day 27: Contacts

Day 28: Unplug for 4

Day 29: Photos

Day 30: Trash


I’d like to thank everyone who participated, commented and added to the fun. Wishing you the freedom that comes through organization!