Digital Declutter Day 14: Unplug for 2

It’s the end of the second week of the Get Organized Digital Declutter Challenge. How is it going so far? If you’ve missed a task, or needed to delay completing one for any reason, just set that task aside for a future date. Once this month is over, you can always go back and do more. Today is a “rest” day, but that is still part of the challenge.

Your goal today is to spend two consecutive hours away from all electronic media, including phones, iPads, tvs, computers, tablets, e-readers and gaming devices. Two hours is a bump up from what we tried last week, but it is still a moderate goal.

Set all your devices to charge and walk away where you won’t be tempted to cheat. If you feel the urge to just run over and check your phone, resist it. Give your eyes and mind a complete rest.

Need a little inspiration? I saw this on a greeting card… a good reminder that we don’t need to constantly check our devices.

Think you can do it? Does 2 hours seem long or short?