Digital Declutter Challenge #1: Background Image

The Digital Decluttter

Welcome to the first day of the Get Organized! Digital Declutter Challenge. Since you may still be recovering from New Year’s Eve, today we will start with an easy task. The goal of the first challenge is to motivate yourself for the month ahead.

Find a new image – one that you really love and that inspires you- to be your background image. If you have multiple devices (e.g. phone, tablet, laptop, desktop), upload the image to all of them. You may have a lot of documents and icons that obscure the image right now, but don’t worry. We will be working on clearing all of that up this month.

If you don’t have a photo that you like, pull out your phone and take a few pictures that inspire you. Maybe the beautiful scene out your window, a photo of people you love, or a selfie as you strike a power pose. Alternatively, you can use one of the images below.

Think of this image as a promise to yourself to stick with the challenge and give yourself the gift of clarity for the new year.

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Visuals can be very motivating. Which image did you select?

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