Words We Need

Updated Dictionary2As a professional organizer, I encounter situations which I’m starting to believe are fairly universal. Yet, when I try to discuss them, I frequently can’t access the perfect term… because it doesn’t exist! With that in mind, I’ve decided to give the English language some help by creating the following words:

Words That Should Be In the Dictionary

cordle \kȯr′-dǝl\ n : the tangle of cords that hangs off the back of a desk

mystercord \mis′-tǝr-kȯrd\ n : a cord which cannot be matched to an electronic device

guiltage \gil′-tig\ n : item(s) a person keeps out of guilt, rather preference or need

tupperspace \tǝp′-ǝr-spās\ n : the place where plastic lids and bowls go, resulting in mismatched storage containers

dysclearia \dis-klir′-ē-ǝ\ n : the inability to keep surfaces clear

legony \le′-gǝ-nē\ n : excruciating pain or agony associated stepping on a Lego®

babyquation \bā′-bē-kwā-zhǝn\ n : the mathematical function describing the inverse relationship between the size of a child and the amount of stuff needed to take care of him

megamesser \me′-gǝ-mes-sǝr\ n : person who can make a mess at the speed of light

teenemonium \tēn-ǝ-mō′-nē-ǝm\ n : the state of a teen’s room or bathroom

misstash \mis′-stash\ v : to stash items in a hidden place before guests arrive and then forget where they’ve been placed

freeluctance \frē-lǝk′-tǝn(t)s\ n : the reluctance to get rid of no longer wanted items because they were obtained free of charge

orgaversion \ȯrg-ǝ-vǝr′-zhǝn \ n : the tendency to avoid getting organized

Do any of these words sound like a situation in your life? What words would you add?