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Tips For Mornings

Do you struggle to get out the door in the morning? Here are a few tips to make it easier… Do you have any tips for getting going in the morning?

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A Smooth Christmas Morning

Christmas morning can be filled with joy, festivity… and chaos! Here are some tricks to help things run smoothly: Jump Start Breakfast. . . Prepare food the night before (e.g. an overnight casserole, coffee cake, cut up fruit…) Set up the coffee so you can get it brewing quickly Set out paper products for a quick clean-up

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Stop Leaving Items Behind

Do you have trouble losing items when you are on the go? Here’s a way to stop leaving things behind. Living in the world today means being out and about. Whether we ride a train to work, hop in a cab to get to the airport, or tote the family in the car, we need

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