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Polly’s Computer Update

  Do you get notifications that your computer, phone or tablet needs an upgrade? If you are like Polly, this isn’t something you look forward to.     *     *     *     *     * Can you relate? What is your reaction to an update notification?

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Digital Declutter Day 10: Update Apps

We are on Day 10 of the Digital Declutter Challenge, and today’s challenge is to update the apps on your smartphone. Publishers often update their apps to provide bug fixes and improve functionality. Keeping your apps up to date is a good way to maintain their security and stability. Updating apps isn’t difficult, but it

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Hold All My Calls

Interruptions are rampant. The average person gets interrupted about once every eight minutes. Many times disruptions come via technology, such as emails, texts, phone calls or other e-messages. Because interruptions are “productivity poison,” minimizing them is a worthy goal. However, since most people need to stay connected to technology to get work done, this can be difficult.

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Polly’s Cell Phone

Technology is a wonderful thing… except for when it drives you crazy!

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