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Why You Are Stressed

Stress is something we all endure. It hovers over us like a specter, stealing joy and making us worthless. But where does it come from? Why does it ebb and flow? In working with clients – both students and adults alike – I’ve identified two major factors which influence our stress level. Time we have

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How to Avoid Burnout

Vacations are wonderful, but they inevitably end with a return to everyday stress. How can you ensure that the burdens of life don’t burn you out? This is not a simple question to answer, but it is helpful to try and embrace three “R’s”: Everyone Needs REST The other day I was sitting on the

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Bracing for Re-entry

  Ever get a sick feeling as you are driving up to your house after a vacation? Thoughts of laundry, mail, and bills tumble together with concerns about backlogged work and unknown challenges. The Seana Method calls this time “re-entry,” and it can be a tricky and depressing time. Here are some ideas on how

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Staying Sane in December

Does the flurry of activity in December make you feel out of control? You are not alone. The additional responsibilities most of us take on during this month are equal to a part-time job. It’s easy to feel frazzled. Here are a couple of habits to put in place right now that will help: PUT

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