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A Tip for Entertaining

As the air turns crisp, many people’s minds tend toward entertaining. Hosting the holiday feast can be great fun, but anyone who has done it knows that it can be stressful. One of the best ways to ease the tension (and the workload) of being the host/hostess is to delegate. Some duties are small enough

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Timing Matters

When I was little my father used to tell me, “timing is everything.” Each year this phrase has made increasingly more sense, and I’ve come to realize that when we do things can matter as much as what we do.  Reflecting on this truth, I’ve identified three time-related principles that can increase your productivity and

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Halting the Hurry Habit

It seems like everywhere you look today, people are in a hurry. We race to work, rush through our assignments, multi-task, and run “orange” lights. For many of us, hurry has become a habit. We get so used to rushing around that we only feel comfortable when we are moving full speed ahead. Unfortunately… Hurry

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Holiday Time Savers

Regardless of your age and stage, the holiday season is busy. One moment you are munching Halloween candy, and the next you wonder how will you possibly finish your to-do list in time. Finding ways to make the most of each minute is worth the effort. Here are a few suggestions: “Buy” Rather Than “Shop”

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Getting Dinner Done

Getting dinner made and served can be a challenge.  Every evening we face obstacles such as children’s activities, work crises, and traffic. Take-out can be a quick answer, but it is expensive, can be unhealthy, and still requires a trip in the car. Short of adding an extra hour between 5pm and 6pm (still working

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