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Where to Begin With Photo Organizing

Do you have boxes of disorganized photos all over your house? Are most of your photos stuck in the recesses of your phone or computer? This situation can feel overwhelming, like a chore you now you should be dealing with but keep procrastinating. Organizing photos can be a big project, but it isn’t an insurmountable

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Digital Declutter Day 29: Photos

There are only two days remaining in the Digital Declutter Challenge. It’s been a busy month of tackling various aspects of life in an electronic era. Since Mondays tend to be busy, spend as much (or as little) time as you have for today’s project: deleting photos from your phone. Times have changed. According to

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GO! Challenge #31: Photos

The first step towards getting organized is always de-cluttering. All this month we have been tackling categories of belongings with the goal of shedding unwanted items. I hope you have felt empowered by the Get Organized! Challenge, and perhaps are energized to continue your purge into the future. It wasn’t easy to think of a

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