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Digital Declutter Day 29: Photos

There are only two days remaining in the Digital Declutter Challenge. It’s been a busy month of tackling various aspects of life in an electronic era. Since Mondays tend to be busy, spend as much (or as little) time as you have for today’s project: deleting photos from your phone. Times have changed. According to

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Digital Declutter Day 19: Communication Devices

This week of the Digital Declutter Challenge we have been clearing away some of the physical items that we tend to accumulate in our modern lives . Today’s focus is to shed unused communication devices, such as phones, printers and fax machines. As anyone with a cell phone knows, technology changes rapidly. In fact, Apple

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Digital Declutter Day 11: The Home Screen

It’s Day 11 of the Digital Declutter Challenge, and I hope you are enjoying bringing order to your digital life. In the past two days we’ve decluttered apps from your phone, and updated the apps you decided to keep. Today’s task is to arrange your apps in a way that makes them easy to find

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Digital Declutter Day 10: Update Apps

We are on Day 10 of the Digital Declutter Challenge, and today’s challenge is to update the apps on your smartphone. Publishers often update their apps to provide bug fixes and improve functionality. Keeping your apps up to date is a good way to maintain their security and stability. Updating apps isn’t difficult, but it

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The Digital Declutter Challenge

The New Year is almost upon us, and beginning on January 2, The Seana Method will be kicking off GO! (Get Organized!) Month 2017. This year’s theme is “The Digital Declutter,” and each day we will be tackling a different aspect of digital life. Some of these tasks will be on your devices, and others will focus

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