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GO! Challenge #30: Pieces of Paper

We are nearing the end of the Get Organized! Challenge, so it seemed like a good idea to design a task you will feel good about. Today we are simply recycling 30 pieces of paper. Once you start digging around, you may even find more! Whenever I work with clients, I suggest beginning with things

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Time to Get Organized!

In the world of professional organizing, January is GO! – or Get Organized – month. The combination of holiday clutter, cold days stuck inside, and the promise of a new year make January the perfect month to clear out and start fresh. Each year, The Seana Method runs a “Get Organized Challenge.” This year, our

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What’s It Like To Work With You?

Since professional organizing is a relatively new field, many people really don’t know what we do and what happens when you hire us. Not knowing what to expect can be a barrier to trying something, so I thought I’d answer some common questions.   Can I talk to you about my situation without hiring you?

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I Can’t Like That

When my niece was very little, she once mistakenly said “I can’t like that” rather than “I don’t like that.” In the ensuing years, it became an inside joke in our family to describe situations or events which we don’t care for. In the world of organizing, there are many possible solutions for storing and

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Common Organizing Mistakes

The time has come: you are finally ready to dig in and get organized. Good for you – you can do this! However, there are a couple of mistakes that many people make when trying to organize a space. If you want to have a positive experience, avoid these pitfalls: SHOPPING FOR SUPPLIES FIRST Buying

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