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Three “Hazardous” Words

  Do these scenarios sound familiar? … Someone hands you an object, and rather than put it away, you mindlessly set it on the nearest surface? … You come across a slip of paper requiring action, so you lay it down on the counter or desk as a reminder? … You stumble across an item

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3 Barriers To An Organized Space

Dreams and goals are fragile things. In the face of adversity, we tend to quickly abandon them. The Internet is full of inspiring quotes to remind us that tenacity and perseverance are worth the effort. While I wholeheartedly agree, I also acknowledge how difficult it can be to overcome even minor obstacles. The most powerful

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Digital Declutter Day 11: The Home Screen

It’s Day 11 of the Digital Declutter Challenge, and I hope you are enjoying bringing order to your digital life. In the past two days we’ve decluttered apps from your phone, and updated the apps you decided to keep. Today’s task is to arrange your apps in a way that makes them easy to find

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Digital Declutter Challenge #2: Label Cords

We’re back for the second day of the Get Organized! Digital Declutter Challenge. Today we begin in earnest to start bringing some order to your digital clutter. The goal today is to label all of the cords in your home and office that are used to charge any electronic device you are currently using. Cords

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Digital Declutter Challenge #1: Background Image

Welcome to the first day of the Get Organized! Digital Declutter Challenge. Since you may still be recovering from New Year’s Eve, today we will start with an easy task. The goal of the first challenge is to motivate yourself for the month ahead. Find a new image – one that you really love and

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