The Seana Method Professional Organizing can help you manage the three functional aspects of daily life:

1. Your Space:

> Floor planning

> Layout design

2. Your Belongings

> Sort possessions/photos

> Organize items you wish to keep

> Pass on what you no longer need

3. Your Responsibilities

> Planning

> Time management


How does the process work?

First, we conduct a complimentary “meet and greet”. If you are local, we will come to you. Otherwise, this will be conducted over the phone. The purpose of this session is to:

–     get to know you and your situation (e.g. residential, commercial, speaking, training)

–     give you a chance to ask any questions

–     discuss how The Seana Method can meet your needs

–     discuss any issues/barriers/challenges which concern you

After this time, we will prepare and email you a proposal for the project as outlined during the “meet and greet.”


How much do you charge?

On-site organizing services are negotiated on a case by case basis. We offer a variety of options, both project-based and hourly, depending on which delivers the best value for your situation. We also offer a discounted rate for seniors.

Speaking engagement fees are negotiable, depending on the distance. materials and time requested.


What kinds of clients do you serve?

The Seana Method provides professional organizing services for both residential and small business settings.

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