Ten Terrific Minutes

Ever wonder if there is anything productive you can do with 10 minutes? You might be surprised! Many of us avoid getting organized because we think we need a whole weekend to get started. While there are some large projects where having a chunk of time is necessary, there are also lots of small steps

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So Much for Paperless

In spite of the arrival of the digital age, everyone faces the daily onslaught of paperwork. Having an effective paper management system is critical for keeping the paper under control.  But what is the best way? First, establish a “hold” zone for all incoming paperwork. Remember, paper arrives from multiple sources. Mail is the obvious

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A New Twist on Carpe Diem

Remember the scene from the movie “Dead Poets Society” where Robin Williams, the teacher, encourages the students to carpe diem – seize the day? What a motivating, energizing moment! While Williams’ character wanted to encourage young men to take risks and pursue their futures with gusto, I believe there is another lesson for all of

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“Just This Once”

Ever give in to temptation with the rationale of “just this once”? Did it turn into more? These three words swallow good intentions whole. In my experience, most people are intelligent and well intentioned. They have a clear understanding of what they can and should do to be efficient and effective. The trouble typically surfaces

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I Can’t Remember

Memory is a big subject – much bigger than a blog post! But nothing is more frustrating than not being able to remember something you need – it feels disorganized and out of control. Forgetting things wastes time and frustrates us. For some, failing memory is an indicator of a bigger problem. I’ve heard that

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