How to Organize A Closet

Organizing a closet can be one of the most rewarding tasks in a home or office. Not only does an organized closet look good, it also saves time and improves efficiency. Since we typically “stash” items in closets, cleaning them out every year is a good idea. If you haven’t tackled a closet in awhile,

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Having a Great College Visit

Visiting colleges can be fun, and a little overwhelming. The first school typically makes a big impression, but if you have the opportunity to visit more than one, the following colleges can start to run together in your mind. Without a system for keeping track, you may have trouble remembering important details. To make the

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Stop Leaving Items Behind

Do you have trouble losing items when you are on the go? Here’s a way to stop leaving things behind. Living in the world today means being out and about. Whether we ride a train to work, hop in a cab to get to the airport, or tote the family in the car, we need

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Kids Can Organize

Do long summer days have your children complaining about being bored? Put them to work in helping you get organized! When it comes to getting organized, children may seem like more of a liability than an asset. While kids can certainly be “contributors to the chaos,” they can also be helpful in establishing order. Of

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How to Have a Great Meeting

Whether we work for a large corporation or volunteer for a charity, meetings are a part of most people’s lives. I’ve heard many complaints about having to go to meetings, and yet I know that they are a vital part of an efficient operation. The key is to design meetings that are brief, structured, and

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