Challenge #16 – Email Inbox

Since we are conducting an electronic sort today, we won’t need our regular supplies. THE TASK Depending on how frequently you delete email, this will be either an easy hit or a task you’ve been dreading. Like it or not, we live in an age where electronic communication is prolific. Emails and texts are constantly

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Challenge #15 – The Coat Closet

The cold weather is fully upon us today. There is no better time to have a look at the coat closet! THE TASK As time passes and our families grow, we often accumulate coats, jackets, mittens, hats and the like. Once a year or so, we need to take everything out and sort through it.

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Challenge #14: Tupperware

Plastic food storage is the topic of the day. Are you ready to get organized? THE TASK Today we have a challenge that will be easy to work on, even if you have children underfoot. It’s time to dump out and review your plastic food storage containers. Begin by taking all of your containers and

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Challenge #13- Under the Bathroom Sink

Earlier in the Challenge we worked under the kitchen sink. Today we’ll use a similar approach in the bathroom. THE TASK The cabinet under a bathroom sink tends to be a repository for many items: paper supplies, cleaning solutions, first-aid, and beauty products just to name a few. Especially in cases where there are no

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Challenge #12- Make-up

Guys get a day “off” today as we girls tackle our stores of make-up. THE TASK Buying makeup is fun. Getting “free” makeup is even more fun. But for most, culling through a pile of old makeup isn’t very inviting. Nonetheless, out of date makeup is not only a source of clutter, it can also

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