GO! Challenge #30: Pieces of Paper

We are nearing the end of the Get Organized! Challenge, so it seemed like a good idea to design a task you will feel good about. Today we are simply recycling 30 pieces of paper. Once you start digging around, you may even find more! Whenever I work with clients, I suggest beginning with things

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GO! Challenge #29: Buttons

Some things seem to scream, “keep me!” Buttons are one of these things. Most come into our lives as a sort of bonus when we purchase a new garment, often wrapped in tiny envelopes, and sometimes even with matching thread. Since they are “free,” it feels wrong to do anything other than stick them into

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GO! Challenge #28: Hangers

If you’ve been keeping up with the Get Organized! Challenge, you may think you’ve spent enough time in your closet de-cluttering pants, shirts and shoes. But today we will be putting the frosting on the cake by removing the extra hangers. Often we forget to remove these, or keep them because we “might need them.”

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GO! Challenge #27: Pens, Crayons, and Pencils

It is day 27 of the Get Organized! Challenge. How is it going? Have you cleared some space? If you have, I affirm you! Today’s challenge is to dig around and find 27 writing implements to shed. This should be neither a difficult nor a complicated challenge. Candidates for disposal include: Small/broken crayons Pens and

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GO! Challenge #26: Children’s Artwork or Schoolwork

If you have young children, managing the perpetual influx of artwork is probably a part of your daily life. Paintings, drawings, crafts, poems, stories, and other creations regularly enter your space. Many parents find the idea of shedding these items stressful, feeling reluctant to part with anything that might be significant and meaningful in the

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