GO! Challenge #26: Children’s Artwork or Schoolwork

If you have young children, managing the perpetual influx of artwork is probably a part of your daily life. Paintings, drawings, crafts, poems, stories, and other creations regularly enter your space. Many parents find the idea of shedding these items stressful, feeling reluctant to part with anything that might be significant and meaningful in the

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GO! Challenge #25: Magazines, Catalogs and Newspapers

As we work our way through the final week of the Get Organized! Challenge, it is getting harder to find items we can shed in large numbers. Nevertheless, I think you have a good chance of finding 25 candidates from today’s category: magazines, catalogs, and newspapers. Let’s take each category one at a time… Magazines

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GO! Challenge #24: Books

We live in a digital world. E-readers, Kindles, Nooks, iPads, tablets… many of us read on these. Nonetheless, old-fashioned paper books are still a part of our lives. Many people simply prefer the paper, and physical books make great gifts. Today our goal is to clear out the books you no longer need. Sometimes, we

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GO! Challenge #23: Emails

When people think of clutter, they typically imagine stacks of paper, piles of clothes, or bins of toys. While all of these apply, the 21st century problem has spread into our digital lives. We could spend a whole month working on computer clutter alone! But today we are going to focus on email. Your challenge

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GO! Challenge #22: Ties and Belts

In my experience, most men have fewer clothes and smaller closets than women. This is completely understandable, as women have more complicated wardrobes and need more pieces! That said, it isn’t uncommon for men to accumulate a bit of clutter in today’s category: ties and belts. Your mission for this task is to select 21

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