GO! Challenge #9: Medications

Clutter is often a hassle, but a cluttered medicine chest can be a hazard. An accumulated stash of medications is common because… – We buy medication at a time of need, and then don’t use the whole bottle. – We are prescribed one that doesn’t work out, and never dispose of the remainder. – We

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GO! Challenge #8: Jeans, Pants & Shorts

Sometimes it is easier to break projects into smaller tasks. A couple of days ago, the challenge involved de-cluttering your shirts and tops. Today we will take the next step and sort through the clothing for the bottom half. Our challenge is intensifying a bit each day, as we’ve been increasing the number of items

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GO! Challenge #7: Cups and Mugs

Open a kitchen cabinet and you are likely to find a shelf crowded with cups, mugs, and sports bottles. Most people accumulate these because: – We need them for everyday use. – We enjoy multiple sets for holidays and seasons. – We collect these pieces as souvenirs. – Mugs with slogans make popular gifts. –

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GO! Challenge #5: Coats & Jackets

  Winter weather has finally settled in, so many of us are reaching for a coat. When you reach for yours, do you find it squished in an over-packed closet? If so, today’s challenge is for you! Everybody needs coats, and if you live in a climate where the temperature changes, you may need more

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GO! Challenge #4: Sports Gear

  Sports are a part of modern life. Whether in school or simply for recreation, most people have participated in at least one sporting activity in their lifetime. The benefits of physical activity are many, but so are the required supplies. Whether it is a hockey stick, pair of skates, a glove, a ball, or

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