GO! Challenge #5: Coats & Jackets

  Winter weather has finally settled in, so many of us are reaching for a coat. When you reach for yours, do you find it squished in an over-packed closet? If so, today’s challenge is for you! Everybody needs coats, and if you live in a climate where the temperature changes, you may need more

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GO! Challenge #4: Sports Gear

  Sports are a part of modern life. Whether in school or simply for recreation, most people have participated in at least one sporting activity in their lifetime. The benefits of physical activity are many, but so are the required supplies. Whether it is a hockey stick, pair of skates, a glove, a ball, or

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GO! Challenge #3: Shirts, Sweatshirts and Sweaters

Clothing is a necessity. Too much clothing is a burden. Most people don’t buy more than they need, but it still tends to pile up. Drawers and shelves are most commonly crowded because we acquire new pieces via gifts, hand-me-downs, and purchases without removing the older pieces. There are many reasons why we tend to

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GO! Challenge #2: Broken Items

Most people have broken items in their space. Life happens, things break, and we set pieces aside to fix “later.” The problem is that we struggle to follow through on our good intentions because we… … are busy meeting daily demands … lack the necessary knowledge … avoid the hassle of digging up a warranty

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GO! Challenge #1: Tools and Appliances

Welcome to the GO! or Get Organized Challenge. Today we begin a fun month full of small challenges designed to clear the clutter and help you get organized. This year’s challenge is simple. Each day we will clear an increasing number of items from a new category of belongings. In other words, one item on

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