Digital Declutter Day 8: Spam

Welcome to the second full week of the Digital Declutter Challenge. Today we will be turning our focus to tackling spam email. When it comes to email, most people are being inundated with spam. It’s easy to see how this happens. Place an order online, and suddenly you are bombarded with advertising. Make a charitable

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Digital Declutter Day 7: Unplug

Part of letting go of digital clutter involves giving yourself a break from digital stimuli. Each Sunday the challenge is to step away from all devices. This week we will begin with one hour. During this hour, do not check your phone, look at the computer, or even watch a movie on an iPad. Turn

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Digital Declutter Day 6: A New Folder

We are on the 6th day of the Digital Declutter Challenge and today we are going to do a small task that will payoff for years to come. Today’s challenge is to help you manage your household manuals, instructions and warranties. Most people have a box, drawer or hanging file filled with manuals, product registration cards,

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Digital Declutter Day 5: Clear “Downloads” Folder

Today in the Get Organized! Digital Declutter Challenge we are turning to your laptop or desktop computer to clear out the Downloads folder. Few people regularly clear out their Downloads folder, and many are not even aware that they have one. This folder is the place where your computer automatically saves attachments, photos, memes, and

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Digital Declutter Challenge #4: Back Up Your Computer

The Digital Declutter Challenge is underway, and soon we will start working on the content of your devices. Before doing any work on digital files, it is a good idea to back everything up. This way, if you should delete something that you later decide you want, you can easily grab if from your backup.

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