Digital Declutter Day 13: Clear Desktop

Welcome back to the Digital Declutter Challenge! Most people love working on a clear surface. The ability to spread out helps us to organize our materials, think clearly and minimize distraction. This truth applies to the computer desktop as well, so today’s task is to clear the documents scattered across your digital desktop. Many people

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Digital Declutter Day 12: Delete Documents

We are coming to the end of the second week of the Digital Declutter Challenge. Today’s task can be as big or as small as your time allows. Turn on your computer, because the focus of today’s task is to delete unneeded documents. Most people rarely delete digital files. In one respect, this isn’t a

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Digital Declutter Day 11: The Home Screen

It’s Day 11 of the Digital Declutter Challenge, and I hope you are enjoying bringing order to your digital life. In the past two days we’ve decluttered apps from your phone, and updated the apps you decided to keep. Today’s task is to arrange your apps in a way that makes them easy to find

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Digital Declutter Day 10: Update Apps

We are on Day 10 of the Digital Declutter Challenge, and today’s challenge is to update the apps on your smartphone. Publishers often update their apps to provide bug fixes and improve functionality. Keeping your apps up to date is a good way to maintain their security and stability. Updating apps isn’t difficult, but it

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Digital Declutter Day 9: Unused Apps

Today in the Digital Declutter Challenge, our focus shifts to your smartphone. The goal for this task is to remove any icons for apps that you are not using. Apps (a shortened form of “application”) are wonderful tools because they offer great functionality at a low (or zero) price point. Apps enable us to do

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