Digital Declutter Day 18: Cords

Welcome back to the Digital Declutter Challenge. No time like the month of January to clear unwanted items and free space for the upcoming year. Today we will be clearing your drawer or box of cords, cables and chargers. Almost every client I work with has a graveyard of cords. Often, these cords are tangled up,

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Digital Declutter Day 17: Gaming & Entertainment

We are more than halfway through the Digital Declutter Challenge. If you’ve been making progress, I affirm you! Today we are continuing to clear away physical E-clutter as we turn our attention to entertainment devices, including gaming equipment, VCRs and DVD players. Gaming equipment such as Xbox, wii, Gameboy, Nintendo and Playstation has been popular

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Digital Declutter Day 16: Mice & Keyboards

Welcome back to the Digital Declutter Organizing Challenge. For the next couple of days, we will step away from the screen to declutter the physical items themselves (a.k.a. E-clutter). We will begin with what I hope will be a couple of “easy wins,” namely computer mice and keyboards. As technology has grown smaller, many people

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Digital Declutter Day 15: Media Files

We are moving into the third week of the Digital Declutter Challenge. Whether you’ve done each task or only a few, you should feel good about taking a step toward digital clarity. Today’s task is to clear old media such as movies, podcasts and tv shows from your computer and portable devices. Downloading media is

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Digital Declutter Day 14: Unplug for 2

It’s the end of the second week of the Get Organized Digital Declutter Challenge. How is it going so far? If you’ve missed a task, or needed to delay completing one for any reason, just set that task aside for a future date. Once this month is over, you can always go back and do

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