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Making Vacation Work

Vacations are important. Our brains and bodies need down time to rest and create. To make your vacation “work” for you, here are a few suggestions: BEFORE YOU GO: Use a good packing list. “Eat down” your perishables before you leave. Take advantage of this emptiness to clean your fridge, and make a list of

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My Best Organizing Tip

Getting and staying organized can incorporate many activities: reviewing and sorting out clutter, buying bins or supplies, setting up systems for belongings and more. All of these are important. However, there is one habit which every organized person has embraced, and you can’t be organized without it. My number one tip is… “Put it away

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Permission to “Pitch”

One of the most popular categories of “tips” I give out on social media is “Permission to Pitch.” These are primarily ideas I get from working with clients… items I see pile up in many homes, or certain types of items I see people struggle to shed. If you want to clear out some clutter,

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4 Steps to Organized

Did you know that “get organized” is the 2nd most popular New Year’s resolution (after “lose weight”)? I can certainly see why: being able to find what you need, when you need it is both productive and rewarding. But how exactly does one go about getting organized? Start by embracing these 4 principles: #1 Live

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Coping With Misadventure

Recently, my family flew to an island for a vacation getaway. We had worked hard to book a nice place, spent a lot of money, and lost sleep to get there. As you can guess by the title of the post, it didn’t go as smoothly as we had anticipated. One of our bags was

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