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Searching for Time

In our busy world, “saving time” is a hot topic. Unfortunately, time is not a physical quantity that can be boxed, bottled or saved. Instead, it passes by at a predictable and sometimes frustratingly rapid rate. The best we can do is find ways to use the time we have in the most efficient manner

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I Can’t Find My…

In my work as a professional organizer, I’ve heard that the average person spends anywhere from 10 – 55 minutes a day looking for stuff. As we all know, time spent trying to find what you know you have is frustrating! Typically, there are three primary reasons why this happens. You Haven’t Designated a Home

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Jumpstart Holidays… October

The secret to a smooth holiday season is starting early…. as in starting now, in October. This may seem ridiculous, but by knocking off some of the time-insensitive tasks, you can significantly lessen the stress that November and December can bring. To get a jumpstart, use the next couple of weeks to: Discuss holiday plans

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10 Easy Ways to Self-Destruct

Ever feel like you are running full speed ahead into a brick wall? That’s because it is easy to do! Many of us make choices every day that can undermine our productivity, exhaust us, and make us feel unworthy. Want to know how you may be self-destructing? Here are 10 easy ways… *    

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Hold All My Calls

Interruptions are rampant. The average person gets interrupted about once every eight minutes. Many times disruptions come via technology, such as emails, texts, phone calls or other e-messages. Because interruptions are “productivity poison,” minimizing them is a worthy goal. However, since most people need to stay connected to technology to get work done, this can be difficult.

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