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How to Organize A Closet

Organizing a closet can be one of the most rewarding tasks in a home or office. Not only does an organized closet look good, it also saves time and improves efficiency. Since we typically “stash” items in closets, cleaning them out every year is a good idea. If you haven’t tackled a closet in awhile,

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7 Overlooked Storage Spaces

Do you feel like you’ve run out of storage space? For many, trying to fit our belongings into our space is a challenge. Whether you live in a cramped urban studio or work in a small cubby, you may need some creative ideas for finding some much needed storage space. Here are 7 spaces to

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Always Arrive Prepared

Let’s face it: life is hectic. The pace has picked up dramatically, and all signals suggest that this situation will only worsen. “Preparation time” has gotten squeezed, resulting in an increased likelihood of dashing out unprepared. The key to minimizing this risk is “staging” needed items as they come to mind. This can be a challenge,

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Trash Has Gotten Complicated

Remember the days when trash was just trash and everything went in one bin? With the advent of recycling and the need for personal security, managing trash has become a bit more complicated.  In order to be both efficient and practical, consider implementing these suggestions: Establish “final destination” containers for various kinds of trash. These

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Bad Habits to Break

One of the most discouraging and demotivating experiences is backsliding. You spend all afternoon clearing off your desk, and two days later it is a mess again. Are you doing something wrong? The Seana Method has identified some bad habits which are in conflict with maintaining a productive environment. By eradicating these behaviors you will

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