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Good Storage Is…

Are you ready to get organized, but aren’t sure exactly what to do? Once you’ve sorted your belongings, its time to establish storage. But what exactly does good storage look like? Here is what you need to know. GOOD STORAGE IS… √  Convenient The odds of you putting an item away (instead of simply setting

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You Are Normal If…

Ever wonder what’s normal when it comes to the level of organization your life? Assume you are worse than most? You probably aren’t… When talking about getting and being organized, I often hear people say things like, “I’m sure your house is perfect… if you came to my house you would be scared!” or “Someday

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HELP! The School Year’s Coming

Every August the commercials begin… “back to school” is everywhere you look. This time may bring mixed feelings, but regardless of how you may feel, it’s important to be intentional in how you act. A bit of planning can ease the transition to a new schedule and maximize everyone’s productivity. If there are students in

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Introducing “Polly Tries”

Introducing Polly Tries, a new comic by Seana and cartoonist Emily Evans. Polly is a 30 something woman who is trying hard to keep it all together. She is intelligent, thoughtful and hard-working, but she struggles to get and stay organized. We hope you will enjoy getting to know Polly, and maybe identifying with her experiences.

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The Safe Box

Have you ever been part of a conversation that starts “If you house caught on fire, what would you grab before running out the door?” It’s a good question! Maybe you think of photos, love letters, or even your wallet. Of course, there is no wrong answer. But when it comes to certain items, there

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