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Off Balance

Recently I watched a TV clip about a newscaster taking a try at tight rope walking. She did well, but at one point lost her balance and fell (safely, to the net below.) As I watched, I was struck by what “off balance” looks like: vulnerable… out of control… awkward… anxious. At one point or another,

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The Magazine Illusion

I’ve noticed that in recent years “getting organized” has become one of the staple topics in most women’s magazines. In one respect, I’m pleased by this trend: it acknowledges the widespread struggle many people have with organizing their space and belongings. If you feel disorganized, you clearly are not alone! On the other hand, there

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You Are Normal If…

Ever wonder what’s normal when it comes to the level of organization your life? Assume you are worse than most? You probably aren’t… When talking about getting and being organized, I often hear people say things like, “I’m sure your house is perfect… if you came to my house you would be scared!” or “Someday

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The Comparison Trap

All people on earth were created with worth and value. This is what I believe. Everyone has a purpose and everyone has something to contribute. Unfortunately, society often celebrates a different rubric for worth: a set of physical attributes, intellectual capabilities and noteworthy accomplishments which are required for “successful” living. As a result, most of

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Feeling Underwater

Ever walk into your home/office, take a look around and say to yourself, How in the world did things get so out of control? MANY people find themselves in this situation, often for one of three very common reasons. AN OVERWHELMING “LIFE EVENT” This can be either a traumatic experience (e.g. illness, death of a family

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