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Polly’s Guilt Trip

Ever feel like you can’t get rid of something because it was a gift? Because it came from a loved one? Because you might make someone feel badly? Polly has the same problem.   Has this ever happened to you?  

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Polly Tackles Clutter

If there were a definitive book on getting rid of clutter, what would it say? Polly decides to buy the book and find out. What do you think… could this really be the answer?

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Polly’s Cell Phone

Technology is a wonderful thing… except for when it drives you crazy!

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Polly’s Ducks

Why is it that everyone else always seems to have their “ducks in a row”?

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Introducing “Polly Tries”

Introducing Polly Tries, a new comic by Seana and cartoonist Emily Evans. Polly is a 30 something woman who is trying hard to keep it all together. She is intelligent, thoughtful and hard-working, but she struggles to get and stay organized. We hope you will enjoy getting to know Polly, and maybe identifying with her experiences.

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