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Digital Declutter Day 26: File Naming

The Digital Declutter Challenge is winding down. So far we have worked on clearing, ordering and resting from our many electronic devices. As with all organizing projects, true success comes in creating systems that you maintain over time. Today we will begin a habit that will help manage your digital life: using a naming convention.

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Digital Declutter Day 25: Social Media

Welcome back to the Digital Declutter Challenge. We are on our 25th day of bringing order to our digital lives. For some of you, today’s task won’t be relevant, while for others it may be a welcome project. The challenge today is to declutter your social media feeds. Ever since the turn of the millennium,

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Digital Declutter Day 22: Bookmarks

Welcome back to the Digital Declutter Challenge. Did you have a refreshing break from technology yesterday? As we enter our last full of week, we will be turning the computers back on for a few final projects. Today’s task is to clear out your digital bookmarks. To many, a bookmark is a piece of paper

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