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GO! Challenge #14: Underclothes

Today’s challenge gets a bit personal as we de-clutter your collection of underclothes. We are shedding the same number of items as the day of the month, so your challenge today is to let go of 14 undergarments. This may sound like a large number, but remember that you can include any of the following:

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GO! Challenge #13: Boxes

Many times we keep things because we think we “might” need them. Boxes are one of these things. Keeping a couple is a good idea because they come in handy for shipping and gift-wrapping. Unfortunately, we often lose track of how many boxes we are holding onto. I’ve seen many attics, basements, and closets that

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GO! Challenge #12: Unwanted Food Items

When we think of clutter, we often think of belongings stuffed in a closet, drawer, or storage room. Perhaps we picture paper stacked on the floor or the counter. Believe it or not, one of the most common places for clutter is the kitchen. Over time, unwanted food items tend to gather in the backs

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GO! Challenge #11: Hobby Supplies

Hobbies are fun, relaxing, and often productive. The best hobby is the one you are currently enjoying. Unfortunately, many people pile up supplies for hobbies they are no longer pursuing. Illness, injury, and lifestyle change are all common reasons why we give up a hobby. Many times, we equivocate about letting go of old hobby

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GO! Challenge #10: Greeting Cards

Greeting cards are something I come across in many homes. These are the answers I typically get when I ask, “Why are you keeping these?” The sender has a new address and I need to keep the card until I record it. I like seeing the pictures of the families on the Christmas cards. It

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