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GO! Challenge #17: Manuals/Instructions

Many items we hate to get rid of: sentimental items, clothing, jewelry… today’s challenge is not about these things. Instead, we are going to tackle your stash of manuals and instructions. Many clients I work with have vast stores of manuals, warranties, and product paperwork. As someone who manages a home myself, I completely understand.

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GO! Challenge #16: Make-up and Toiletries

More than ever, looking good requires “stuff.” Hair products, bath and body products, make-up… all of these tend to take up space in our bathrooms. Periodically, it is a good idea to sort these items and clear out the unwanted clutter. Today’s challenge is to find 16 make-up and/or toiletry items to throw away. Yes,

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GO! Challenge #15: Cables & Chargers

In an era when we frequently buy and replace electronics, most people end up with a collection of random cords, cables, and chargers. They get easily tangled, and we lose track of which cord matches which device. We resist pitching them because we have a vague feeling that we might need them. Today we are

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GO! Challenge #14: Underclothes

Today’s challenge gets a bit personal as we de-clutter your collection of underclothes. We are shedding the same number of items as the day of the month, so your challenge today is to let go of 14 undergarments. This may sound like a large number, but remember that you can include any of the following:

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GO! Challenge #13: Boxes

Many times we keep things because we think we “might” need them. Boxes are one of these things. Keeping a couple is a good idea because they come in handy for shipping and gift-wrapping. Unfortunately, we often lose track of how many boxes we are holding onto. I’ve seen many attics, basements, and closets that

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