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Digital Declutter Wrap-up

Getting organized feels great! Over the past month, the Digital Declutter Challenge has offered a task each day for 30 days to help you bring order to your digital life. In case you missed a day, or if you would like to pin and save the whole challenge, below is a summary with links to

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Digital Declutter Day 30: Trash

We have come to the last day of the Digital Declutter Challenge. It has been a great month full of projects to bring order to our digital lives. Whether you’ve done one task or all of them, I affirm you! The task for our last day is to empty the trash can/recycle bin on your

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Digital Declutter Day 29: Photos

There are only two days remaining in the Digital Declutter Challenge. It’s been a busy month of tackling various aspects of life in an electronic era. Since Mondays tend to be busy, spend as much (or as little) time as you have for today’s project: deleting photos from your phone. Times have changed. According to

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Digital Declutter Day 28: Unplug for 4

Today is the last Sunday of the Digital Declutter Challenge. If you have been following along with us this month, you may be able to guess that the task today is to spend four consecutive hours away from all media. One of the benefits of “powering down” is the chance to engage the senses that

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Digital Declutter Day 27: Contacts

As the final full week of the Digital Declutter Challenge draws to a close, the focus today will be to update your digital contact list. Many people now use a phone and/or cloud-based tool to keep track of contact names, phone numbers, addresses and emails. This is a wonderful option as it provides access to

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