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30 Things to Store Recap

  Need some tips for organizing and storing your belongings? Here are links to my short videos with ideas for storing 30 things that most people have. They are in no particular order, so click around and enjoy! Introduction Day 1: Batteries Day 2: Lightbulbs Day 3: Fly Swatter Day 4: Sunscreen and Bug Spray

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30 Things to Store Day 30: Memorabilia

  Everyone has memorabilia. Keeping some is a great way to preserve memories. Keeping too much can lead to a cluttered mess. Here are my tips on the last day of our video series.  *     *     *     *     * Do you have a box or container dedicated to memorabilia? When’s the

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30 Things to Store Day 29: Cords

  Do you have a drawer full of a tangled mess of cords and cables? If so, you are normal. Here is what to do about it. Below are the products and resources mentioned in this video. I am not being compensated to promote any products, nor am I endorsing any particular tool. These links

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30 Things to Store Day 28: Large & Flat

  Poster board, enlarged photographs, posters, foam core… these can be tricky items to store. Here are a couple of ideas.    *     *     *     *     * Where do you keep your large, flat items?

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30 Things to Store Day 27: “Extra” Clothing

  There are lots of reasons we own clothing that we aren’t currently wearing. Today we talk about what these are, and how to store them.  *     *     *     *     * Do you have clothing in your home that you aren’t currently wearing? Where have you been keeping it?  

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