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HELP! I’m Hosting The Party

Has the family decided the party is at your house this year?  Maybe it’s the first time you’ve entertained a large crowd? You can do this! Here’s how: The first thing is to set the “theme” for the party. What time will it be? Will it be an Open House or a sit down dinner?

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Staying Sane in December

Does the flurry of activity in December make you feel out of control? You are not alone. The additional responsibilities most of us take on during this month are equal to a part-time job. It’s easy to feel frazzled. Here are a couple of habits to put in place right now that will help: PUT

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Help… I’m Hosting Thanksgiving!

Have you suddenly realized that you are having a large number of people coming over for Thanksgiving and it is stressing you out? Maybe they are spending the night as well as eating with you? You need a survival guide!  Starting Now: Make hospitality decisions Who will sleep where (purchase air mattress?) What towels will

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