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Clear Clutter Now!

Clutter accumulates little by little. It creeps up on us while we are dealing with life, and then all of the sudden we look around and see that piles, heaps and stacks have sprouted up all over our space. We want to deal with it, but don’t know how to start. Is it possible to

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While They Are Sleeping

Being up and moving while others are asleep can be a very productive habit.  While the rest of the world is dreaming, you can use these hours to make your dreams come true. Of course, it is tempting to spend these peaceful moments surfing the internet or watching TV. But if you’ve sacrificed sleep, you

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Getting Dinner Done

Getting dinner made and served can be a challenge.  Every evening we face obstacles such as children’s activities, work crises, and traffic. Take-out can be a quick answer, but it is expensive, can be unhealthy, and still requires a trip in the car. Short of adding an extra hour between 5pm and 6pm (still working

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Why You Are Stressed

Stress is something we all endure. It hovers over us like a specter, stealing joy and making us worthless. But where does it come from? Why does it ebb and flow? In working with clients – both students and adults alike – I’ve identified two major factors which influence our stress level. Time we have

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How to Keep Memorabilia

Most clients I work with have items which they choose to keep for sentimental reasons. Memorabilia is an important part of our lives, and everyone in the family should feel justified in keeping it. The key is figuring out what to keep, and then how to store it. WHAT TO KEEP Deciding what to keep

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