I Love When This Happens

happy face and hearts

About mid-February the world turns to thinking about love. Hearts, cupids, candy, chocolate and expressions of affection abound. As much as I love my friends and family, there is another kind of love I thought I would celebrate this week: the love of things going smoothly. These simple pleasures can truly make my heart sing.

Here are a few examples of…

“I Love It When…”

I need to put something away, and I know exactly where it goes, and the storage spot is easy to access and not overcrowded, and I can put the item away in two seconds.

It suddenly occurs to me that I might have forgotten to do something, but when I check, I realize that I actually took care of it and just forgot that I did.

I fill in the boxes on my “to do” list. Better yet, when I realize that I’ve filled in all the boxes for the entire day.

I drop off donations, especially when I see someone immediately pick them up to take back to their home; the ultimate “win-win.”

I am searching for an item I thought I had (e.g. an ingredient for a recipe), but I can’t find it, so I realize I’m going to need to dash out and get it, and I start trying to figure out how/when I’m going to do that… and then I find it.

I pull into the crowded parking lot at Costco just as someone is exiting a spot near the front door. Particularly when it is cold or raining.

I place a special order in a restaurant, and then the food arrives and it is exactly what I asked for.

I enter the airport and see that there is nobody in the security line.

I am told that the wait at a restaurant is going to be 40 minutes, and then they call me in five minutes.

I get in my car and see that whoever last drove the car filled the gas tank.

I’m trying to decide whether to finally part with an item that I’ve been conflicted over, and then see that it is stained or broken or damaged, and I feel like I’ve been given permission to let it go.

I hit two or more green lights in a row, especially if I’m in a hurry.

I wake up before my alarm.

I’m swamped with work and a meeting gets canceled.

I need to replace batteries or a light bulb and I have the exact size I need.

I realize the days are getting longer.

I have no voice mails.

My desk is completely cleared off.

I make progress against a task that I’ve been putting off dealing with, even if it is just one tiny little step.

I have no red alerts on my phone’s home screen.

I finally remember something I’ve been trying to recall.

I wake up and work/school is delayed due to weather.

I renew my driver’s license and the photo isn’t awful.

I have a list of errands to do and I’m able to accomplish them all without any unanticipated problems.

A repairman or installer shows up at the time I was told to expect him.

I have been sitting next to someone who is coughing or sneezing and I don’t get sick.

The garbage man kindly takes away something I wasn’t sure was “allowed.”

I receive positive feedback about something I did.

I find something that I thought I had lost.

I go looking for an item and it just where it I thought it would be.

I master a new technology-related skill. (For some reason, this makes me feel like I’ve climbed Mount Everest.)

My computer updates but doesn’t cause any problems or require me to figure out a new way of doing things.

Someone I don’t know sees my name and pronounces it correctly. (I always compliment them, as my name is tricky.)

My hiccups stop.

I’m making a big dinner and everything is ready at the same time.

Anyone in the house – other than me – makes a bed, empties the trash, empties the dishwasher or replaces the toilet paper.

I go to a concert and the artist sings the songs I know and like.

I am able to pay for something with exact change, especially if it is all coins and then I feel like I haven’t really spent anything.

I am on vacation and realize I packed well.

I need to buy something, and my husband says, “I’m going out. Do you need anything?”

I ask someone to put something away… and they do.

It is Sunday, and I don’t feel guilty about doing nothing.

*     *    *     *     *

What little “loves” would you add to this list?