Digital Declutter Day 27: Contacts

As the final full week of the Digital Declutter Challenge draws to a close, the focus today will be to update your digital contact list.

Many people now use a phone and/or cloud-based tool to keep track of contact names, phone numbers, addresses and emails. This is a wonderful option as it provides access to all of your contacts wherever you go. However, as with all things, contact information changes over time. While we are quick to add new people and numbers, we are often slow to go back and remove outdated information.

For today’s task, scroll through your electronic address book and identify content that should be deleted. In some cases, you will simply need to modify a name, number or address.

For example:

  • A person’s name has changed
  • An individual has moved
  • An individual is using a new email address
  • A contact has a new or additional phone number
  • You have a contact listed multiple times

There may also be some contacts you wish to delete the entire contact.

Common reasons for deleting a contact include:

  • You no longer wish to be in touch
  • You don’t remember who the person is
  • You will not purchase a product/service from this contact in the future
  • The business/service provider is no longer operating
  • The individual has passed away

If you aren’t sure which numbers and addresses are most current, call or email people today to confirm their preferences.


Clearing away anything that is not relevant to our current lives enhances productivity. When is the last time you updated your contacts?