Digital Declutter Day 22: Bookmarks

Welcome back to the Digital Declutter Challenge. Did you have a refreshing break from technology yesterday? As we enter our last full of week, we will be turning the computers back on for a few final projects. Today’s task is to clear out your digital bookmarks.

To many, a bookmark is a piece of paper that you put in a physical book to hold your spot. Digital bookmarks work in much the same way, providing a method for easily returning to a particular location on the internet. People tend to bookmark favorite news sites, blogs, reference sites and tools. Some of you may have a plethora of bookmarks, while others may be unaware they even exist.

Each search engine (Safari, Explorer, Chrome, Firefox, etc.) offers the option of bookmarking a page. If you look at the top of your screen, you will probably see the word “Bookmarks” (or “Favorites”) as the name of a drop down menu. Anytime you are on a webpage, you can select this menu and click to add the page to your bookmarks. You can then adjust your settings so that your favorites appear either along the top of your search engine window or in an easily accessible list.

If you have been a heavy user of bookmarks, you may have accumulated sites in your bookmarks list that you no longer visit. As with all aspects of life, we tend to go through phases with our interests and needs. Therefore, it makes sense to periodically update our bookmarked pages to ensure quick access to the sites we visit most often.

The exact method for deleting bookmarks will differ by device and browser. If you have been using bookmarks, you probably know how to find and use this function. However, if you are not quite sure how to proceed, this page provides instructions and images that you might find helpful.

When reviewing your bookmarks, click through to any page that you don’t recognize. There is always a chance that a bookmarked site is no longer available or has become irrelevant to your needs.

This should be a relatively quick task. If you use different browsers on different devices (i.e. a change you make on one device won’t automatically synch across them all), go ahead and declutter each device individually.


Do you use bookmarks or favorites? Do you think you have bookmarked pages that you no longer visit?