A Smooth Christmas Morning

Peaceful Christmas Morning

Christmas morning can be filled with joy, festivity… and chaos! Here are some tricks to help things run smoothly:

Jump Start Breakfast. . .

  • Prepare food the night before (e.g. an overnight casserole, coffee cake, cut up fruit…)
  • Set up the coffee so you can get it brewing quickly
  • Set out paper products for a quick clean-up

Get Ready for Christmas Dinner. . .

  • Chop and pre-measure ingredients
  • Set the table (linens, place settings, serving bowls, utensils, and candles/centerpieces)
  • Install extra table leaves and gather extra chairs/high chairs, as needed
  • Delegate last minute tasks in advance (e.g. pouring wine, lighting candles, tossing the salad, etc.)

Set the Scene Around the Tree. . .

  • Have a playlist or station ready to go for background music
  • If applicable, set up the fireplace so all you need to do is light a match
  • Place helpful supplies nearby (e.g. trash bags, scissors, recycle/reuse bins, batteries, small screwdrivers)
  • Provide paper and pencils for those who wish to record gifts received
  • Consider assembling complicated gifts ahead of time so they are ready to be played with

Alleviate the Anticipation. . .

  • Agree in advance what time the “festivities” will begin
  • Consider allowing small children to open one gift on Christmas Eve
  • Hang a stocking with a small distraction (e.g. a puzzle, book, bag of cheerios) on the doorknob of each child’s bedroom to keep them busy while waiting

Prepare to Photograph. . .

  • Charge all cameras/camcorders/phones in advance
  • Have extra memory sticks ready to go
  • Set up a tripod, if desired
  • Decide if, when, and where a group photo will be taken
  • Consider designating one person to collect, upload and share photos (e.g. via an app or photo book)

Calm the Chaos. . .

  • Open gifts one at a time, from youngest to oldest
  • Designate a location for gift cards, checks, and small items so they don’t get accidentally thrown away
  • Keep all candy up off the floor, out of the reach of pets
  • Move stockings away from a lit fireplace so the contents won’t melt
  • Check the inside of all boxes and bags before trashing/recycling them

*     *     *     *     *

Merry Christmas to all… and to all a peaceful day!

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