4 Steps to Organized

Did you know that “get organized” is the 2nd most popular New Year’s resolution (after “lose weight”)? I can certainly see why: being able to find what you need, when you need it is both productive and rewarding. But how exactly does one go about getting organized? Start by embracing these 4 principles: #1 Live

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Coping With Misadventure

Recently, my family flew to an island for a vacation getaway. We had worked hard to book a nice place, spent a lot of money, and lost sleep to get there. As you can guess by the title of the post, it didn’t go as smoothly as we had anticipated. One of our bags was

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Keep An “Extra” On Hand

I once had a friend who said her life was either rolling smoothly or in nuclear meltdown. More often than not, the meltdown isn’t from a lack of planning, it is when something unexpected happens that throws us off schedule.  For example, we encounter traffic on a typically easy drive, or the baby throws up

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Halting the Hurry Habit

It seems like everywhere you look today, people are in a hurry. We race to work, rush through our assignments, multi-task, and run “orange” lights. For many of us, hurry has become a habit. We get so used to rushing around that we only feel comfortable when we are moving full speed ahead. Unfortunately… Hurry

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Seana’s Top 5 Gifts

For many of us, the holidays represent a chance to give gifts to people we love (or sometimes, people to whom we are expected to give gifts!) If you are looking for a gift that is both thoughtful and useful, you might want to consider the following, all of which make this professional organizer smile.

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