Teens and Clothes

If you have teenagers, you know that clothing and neatness rarely coincide. Guys tend to have mountains of clothes needing laundering (sports uniforms, gym clothes, the favorite pair of sweatpants…) Girls tend to try on clothes and drop them where they fall. This isn’t an easy place for adults and teens to find common ground.

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Feeling Underwater

Ever walk into your home/office, take a look around and say to yourself, How in the world did things get so out of control? MANY people find themselves in this situation, often for one of three very common reasons. AN OVERWHELMING “LIFE EVENT” This can be either a traumatic experience (e.g. illness, death of a family

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Managing Expectations

Expectations are funny things. They tell us how something should be, should look, or should work out. Sometimes, we have no/few expectations, and an experience brings us unanticipated satisfaction. No problem here! But frequently, we set our expectations unrealistically high, leaving us (or someone else) feeling disappointed and demotivated. Simply being aware of the power

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Common Organizing Mistakes

The time has come: you are finally ready to dig in and get organized. Good for you – you can do this! However, there are a couple of mistakes that many people make when trying to organize a space. If you want to have a positive experience, avoid these pitfalls: SHOPPING FOR SUPPLIES FIRST Buying

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Organize Like A Kindergarten

Ever wonder how a teacher, well outnumbered by children, manages to keep the classroom organized?  Here are a few of the secrets… EACH PERSON HAS A DESIGNATED SPACE Most classrooms have an area designated for each child to hang his belongings. This fact is made clear by either a photo or name hung in the

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