GO! Challenge #3: Shirts, Sweatshirts and Sweaters

Clothing is a necessity. Too much clothing is a burden. Most people don’t buy more than they need, but it still tends to pile up. Drawers and shelves are most commonly crowded because we acquire new pieces via gifts, hand-me-downs, and purchases without removing the older pieces. There are many reasons why we tend to

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GO! Challenge #2: Broken Items

Most people have broken items in their space. Life happens, things break, and we set pieces aside to fix “later.” The problem is that we struggle to follow through on our good intentions because we… … are busy meeting daily demands … lack the necessary knowledge … avoid the hassle of digging up a warranty

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GO! Challenge #1: Tools and Appliances

Welcome to the GO! or Get Organized Challenge. Today we begin a fun month full of small challenges designed to clear the clutter and help you get organized. This year’s challenge is simple. Each day we will clear an increasing number of items from a new category of belongings. In other words, one item on

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Time to Get Organized!

In the world of professional organizing, January is GO! – or Get Organized – month. The combination of holiday clutter, cold days stuck inside, and the promise of a new year make January the perfect month to clear out and start fresh. Each year, The Seana Method runs a “Get Organized Challenge.” This year, our

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A Smooth Christmas Morning

Christmas morning can be filled with joy, festivity… and chaos! Here are some tricks to help things run smoothly: Jump Start Breakfast. . . Prepare food the night before (e.g. an overnight casserole, coffee cake, cut up fruit…) Set up the coffee so you can get it brewing quickly Set out paper products for a quick clean-up

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