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Should I Be “Spring Cleaning”?

When visiting my grandmother as a child, I frequently heard stories about her cleaning her house every spring wearing her “old” high heels. Her home was located in a valley not far from a local steel mill, so this process mostly involved washing black soot from her walls, furniture, fabrics and floors. The truth is,

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Just For Now

We’ve all been there. Someone hands us something and we mindlessly set it on the nearest surface. Or we come across a slip of paper that we need to act on, so we put it on the counter so we won’t forget. Maybe we stumble across an item that belongs in another room, but we

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Bracing for Re-entry

  Ever get a sick feeling as you are driving up to your house after a vacation? Thoughts of laundry, mail, and bills tumble together with concerns about backlogged work and unknown challenges. The Seana Method calls this time “re-entry,” and it can be a tricky and depressing time. Here are some ideas on how

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It’s Not About the Piles

Every walk into a room where every surface is clear and think “Wow, he/she sure is organized”?  You might be wrong. Many people think that being organized means having a tidy space, where there is no visible clutter as far as the eye can see. The reality is, how things look frequently has nothing to

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Heart of the Home or Dump?

Everyone loves the kitchen. The kitchen is warm, full of food, and is the center of family life. At the same time, the kitchen is often a magnet for clutter because it has large flat surfaces, is right near the door, and is heavily used. In order to keep the kitchen clear for its primary

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