Sneaking In Some Storage

Cat sneaking in

Everyone needs storage. The smaller your space, the more important it is to use every inch. While expansive closets are certainly nice, you can find solutions even if you live in 300 square feet. If you need extra storage, here are a few options to consider…

On The Back of the Door


On the Back of a Chair


Over the Sink


Over the Toilet


Under Existing Shelving


Under Furniture


Above The Door

shelf over the door

Image Credit: Home Depot


Between the Studs


On the Side of a Cabinet


On the Wall


On the Unused Wall of a Pantry or Closet


In a Corner


On the Side of the House



Inside a Cabinet Door


    *     *     *     *     *

Keep in mind, the first step in getting organized should always be decluttering, as most of us keep too much. Also, sorting through and shedding belongings is not a “one time” endeavor. It is important to repeat this process periodically and keep things circulating through your space.

When adding storage, be sure to consider safety (e.g. hooks are secure, nothing dangerous is at eye level or near little hands, space can be safely reached, no tripping hazards, etc.)

Do any of these ideas seem helpful to you? What other places have you found to gain some storage?

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