Making Room


Making Space

When you talk about de-cluttering, most people envision a stressful process of giving away important things. Nothing could be further from the truth! Getting and staying organized isn’t about pain, it’s about freedom.

Here’s a story to illustrate my point. One time I dropped in to visit a friend. She invited me into her living room to sit and chat, and without a thought she deftly moved some newspapers and magazines off the couch and into the trash can. In other words, she made room for me. In that moment, she decided that making space for her friend was more important than keeping the old newspapers. And THIS is why we clear away clutter: to make room for what matters.

Organizing is all about prioritizing. It’s about letting go items which aren’t enhancing our lives today so we can free space for all the things that do. Here are a few examples:

  • Discontinuing subscriptions to magazines we really never read so can focus on reading the 1 or 2 magazines we love most.
  • Donating clothes that don’t fit or flatter our current figure so we have space for the items we love to wear.
  • Pitching/deleting photos in which we don’t like the way we look, so we have space to save or frame the ones that make us feel good when we look at them.
  • Donating books we started, but lost interest in, so can free space on the shelf for what we are enjoying right now.
  • Removing the toys our children don’t play with so they have space to store and use the toys that they enjoy the most.
  • Clearing out the remnant supplies from old hobbies so we can dedicate convenient storage for the hobbies we are enjoying right now.
  • Shredding or recycling paperwork that we don’t need so we can both efficiently access current paperwork and store the papers we may need to find reliably in the future.
  • Throwing away broken items that we can’t seem to get around to fixing and instead buying working replacements.
  • Clearing away expired or unwanted food items so we can easily store and access the foods we are eating today.
  • Eliminating volunteer commitments that perhaps are not a good fit so that we can fully serve in the areas to which we feel well suited.
  • Letting go of boxes of our children’s artwork and keeping, framing, or photographing the ones that mean the most.
  • Minimizing the number of items we are keeping “just in case” so we can use the majority of our space for what is happening right now.
  • Selecting only a few items of memorabilia to keep in an accessible container for periodic review and reflection rather than keeping boxes and boxes of memorabilia that gets stuffed in a remote place and is never enjoyed.

*     *     *     *     *

De-cluttering is about living in the present… about allowing yourself to allocate the majority of your space and time to what matters to you today.

What are you willing to eliminate to free up space for a current priority?

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