Organizing and TV Watching

Organizing and TV Watching

Believe it or not, I know that not everyone shares my passion for organizing. If this sounds familiar, you may be finding it difficult to get motivated. One trick is to associate the undesirable task with something you consider enjoyable. Just as you might listen to music while exercising, you can do a fair bit of de-cluttering while watching TV.

Top candidates for “TV Sorting” include items that are small, relatively clean and portable. Here are a few projects you can try…

Clean out your purse, briefcase or diaper bag

Dump it out, throw away the trash, shake out the dust over a trash can, and put things back in an ordered fashion. If you switch bags a lot, consider an organizing insert such as the Purse Perfector.

Purse Perfector

Purse Perfector


Sort through a drawer

Most drawers can be removed from the frame. Bring the whole drawer over, empty it, and wipe it out. Have a trash/donate bag nearby for anything you want to get rid of. When you are finished, restock the drawer and carry it back. If you’ve never added structure to the drawer, now may be the time. Consider getting a product with divided sections or expandable inserts to keep things in order.

Drawer Organizer

Totally Bamboo Expandable Drawer Organizer


Drawer Dividers

OXO Good Grips Expandable Drawer Dividers


Clean your keyboard/phones

Detach your keyboard or phones (or turn off the power to your computer), grab a damp cloth and wipe them clean.


Sort a stack of magazines

Most of us have a stack we are holding onto with good intentions… and then we feel guilty that we haven’t read them. Why pay for guilt? Only keep the latest editions, and if you want a particular page, tear it out and file it. Another option is to photograph an image you want to save and upload it into a folder marked “magazine articles.” The same principle works for decorating magazines or business publications. Going forward, consider subscribing to digital editions of your favorite publications.


Clear out a file folder

If your files are overflowing, bring them (one at a time) to the TV. Go through and pitch anything that is old or out of date. Remember to shred paperwork containing private information.


Sort through coupons for groceries or restaurants

Often we drop coupons into an envelope or drawer. Every now and then, grab the stack and get rid of anything that is expired.


Organize your CD or DVD collection

Since you are in the TV viewing room already, open the cabinet or drawer and pull out your collection. If videos are overflowing your space, put them into a storage device that can hold many DVDs, and then pitch the plastic boxes.


DVD Organizer

Amazon Basics CD/DVD Organizer


Cull children’s artwork

Artwork can come into your home at a rapid pace, and we often stick it in a box or folder. This works well in the moment, but can build up over time. One night when you are watching your favorite movie, dump it out and review it. Pitch artwork that is simple scribbles, made of food, or doesn’t reflect your child’s creativity (e.g. where they have simply assembled pre-cut pieces.) Don’t feel guilty – throwing away artwork doesn’t mean you don’t love your child!


Tackle a Box of Photos

With the onset of digital cameras, we tend to accumulate fewer physical photos. But if you have a box or two of mixed up photos, simply dump them out and do a quick sort. Pitch any that are blurry, unflattering or uninteresting. Group the remaining ones into categories: by year, by child, by type of activity, etc. and always be sure to keep them in an acid-free box.

*     *     *     *     *

De-cluttering leaves us feeling free and light. If you’ve been reluctant to tackle a project, maybe this little trick will help you get started.

What would you sort through while watching TV?

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