Magazines and Organizing

The Magazine Illusion

I’ve noticed that in recent years “getting organized” has become one of the staple topics in most women’s magazines. In one respect, I’m pleased by this trend: it acknowledges the widespread struggle many people have with organizing their space and belongings. If you feel disorganized, you clearly are not alone! On the other hand, there

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Kids, Clutter, and Christmas Gifts

Most parents & grandparents enjoy giving gifts to little ones at the holidays. Isn’t that wonderful? Generosity is a tangible way to express love. However, many people feel that their space is already overcrowded, and the idea of bringing in more “stuff” is unsettling. Furthermore, when a large number of friends and family members contribute, it

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Seana’s Top 5 Gifts 2014

The holidays are almost upon us, and for many of us that means searching for the perfect gift(s) for friends & family. If you are looking for something that offers true functional value, here are my top 5 picks for this year: Holsters This neat product hooks onto the side of a table, sink, vanity,

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Polly’s Guilt Trip

Ever feel like you can’t get rid of something because it was a gift? Because it came from a loved one? Because you might make someone feel badly? Polly has the same problem.   Has this ever happened to you?  

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A Tip for Entertaining

As the air turns crisp, many people’s minds tend toward entertaining. Hosting the holiday feast can be great fun, but anyone who has done it knows that it can be stressful. One of the best ways to ease the tension (and the workload) of being the host/hostess is to delegate. Some duties are small enough

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