What’s It Like To Work With You?

Since professional organizing is a relatively new field, many people really don’t know what we do and what happens when you hire us. Not knowing what to expect can be a barrier to trying something, so I thought I’d answer some common questions.   Can I talk to you about my situation without hiring you?

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Kids, Trees and Organizing

I live in Connecticut. This means trees… everywhere. Recently, it has occurred to me that dealing with trees is similar to rearing children. Here are some lessons I’ve learned by observing trees and kids…   TREES AND KIDS ARE MESSY Come early May, trees around here make their presence known. We start to see a lot

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Organizing Outside

Summer is just around the corner, and that means we will be spending more time outside. This can bring some welcome relief to well-used family rooms and bedrooms, but it can also bring a new set of challenges. How do we organize all of the outside supplies? Since everyone’s living situation is different, there is

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Modern Albatross

The Modern Albatross

Is your home a burden? Do you look around and feel defeated? Sometimes, the very spaces which are supposed to refresh us end up weighing us down, like an albatross around our neck.  Many people today are overrun by “stuff” in their spaces. For perspective: 74% of families can’t park their cars in their garage

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It Might Be Worth Something

Many of us hold onto items because we believe they might be worth something. Some of us have collections from childhood, while others have inherited pieces or antiques. Unfortunately, while some possessions are truly valuable, many are not. Before you make a decision to hold onto an item for its monetary value, check the market

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Remodeling and Home Design


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