Digital Declutter Day 22: Bookmarks

Welcome back to the Digital Declutter Challenge. Did you have a refreshing break from technology yesterday? As we enter our last full of week, we will be turning the computers back on for a few final projects. Today’s task is to clear out your digital bookmarks. To many, a bookmark is a piece of paper

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Digital Declutter Day 21: Unplug for 3

You have made it to the third Sunday of the Digital Declutter Challenge – congratulations! If you’ve been following along, you know that today’s task will be to spend three consecutive hours where you don’t look at a screen. For some, this may still seem like an easy task, but for many, this is difficult.

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Digital Declutter 20: Computers and Monitors

The Digital Declutter Challenge has been running for almost three weeks. I hope you’ve been having success in clearing out some of the digital clutter in your life. Today we end the week by shedding some of the largest electronic items: computers, monitors and televisions. The first computer I ever owned was a Mac Plus.

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Digital Declutter Day 19: Communication Devices

This week of the Digital Declutter Challenge we have been clearing away some of the physical items that we tend to accumulate in our modern lives . Today’s focus is to shed unused communication devices, such as phones, printers and fax machines. As anyone with a cell phone knows, technology changes rapidly. In fact, Apple

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Digital Declutter Day 18: Cords

Welcome back to the Digital Declutter Challenge. No time like the month of January to clear unwanted items and free space for the upcoming year. Today we will be clearing your drawer or box of cords, cables and chargers. Almost every client I work with has a graveyard of cords. Often, these cords are tangled up,

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